Sunday, 8 November 2009

How to Open Hubpage Account and Earn Money

This red mark Ads will be yours when you published your Hubs.

If you dont see Images, Please click on the image.

Remember one Important Thing that you dont need to Copy paste of any Adsense Code in Hubpages. Its Completely automatic.

Make Money On HubPages With Google AdSense

We can sign you up for a new Google AdSense account with the information you've already given us, or we can link your existing AdSense account to HubPages.

This allows us to display ads on your behalf in 60% of the impressions on your hubs. It's easy, and it's important. AdSense is one of the main ways people make money on HubPages.

To maximize your chance of acceptance, please be sure that your presence on HubPages includes substantial, original content before you apply (one or more quality hubs, and a completed user profile should be sufficient).

Click Here and enter Hubpages website . Then click Sign in.Then click Sign up Now button.

When you successfully create your Hubpage account , pls follow the Image and click My Account button , Then click Affiliate Settings.

Then click Sign Up button of Google adsense. When next page appeared click Yes Button , enter your Adsense Email address , last 5 Digit of your phone number or enter your post code. Finally click LINK MY ACCOUNT. An Email will send to your Adsense mail address with a confirmation link. Open your Mail account and click the Confirmation Link. Then Again go to your Affiliate Settings page and See that your Hubpage account is ready for Earning.
Its time to Create and Publish your Desire Hubpages. See and click All Images and follow it.

Here is some Hubpages Link Which is considered as a Good Hubpage.

(1): Computer Viruses and Problems

(2): Jomuna Future Park

(3): Mobile Wallpaper Collection

Click START NEW HUB and continue to the next step.

Choose your Hubpage Title. Chose a good subject which should be useful to all. Choose suitable topic for your Hub. Choose a Layout and Choose at least 2 tags from the List on right side of the page. Please Remember that Hubpages authority does not allows copied content of other website or books etc. So write your own concepts and be a popular Hubber.

See this Image.Always use High for Adsense content.

You can add more content as you want which is shown on the picture.
After you finished written your hub successfully, Click Publish Button. Thats it.
Now Publish more and more Hub and Earn Money.

I hope this blog will help you a lot.
Thank you.